The Present Age Passing Away

Victor I'm not feeling it, but I still like you. Hope all is well.
so what was the inescapable event we were all supposed to witness in the past week?

another 9/11? Leeman Brothers-like collapse? double-dip recession? Jasmine revolution? European financial crisis? passing of draconian laws in some exotic country? demise of the euro?
Hmm, maybe it's more of a case of SS, different astrological age than folks are willing to realize. Personally, I see all the same crap, mostly personal psychological baggage, interfering with internal order and pretty much all human relationships. I notice that the same old fires are raging, both within and without, and even if there are dozens of visiting species in our subtle atmosphere, most of us carry on like we still haven't turned over the rock yet. Maybe the GEICO commercial, or YouTube reruns, will help.

Moral of the story: Carpe Diem
You ain't gettin' an infinite number of these, for every human life is duly apportioned. I hear that even GODS ... rise and fall.

Ex nihilo, NIHIL FIT - God did not architect the VERBUM/ONE-WORlD System(s) [aka MultiVerse, Universe, Cosmos, etc.] out of delerium, or boredom (not a bad thought, however). Hence, the notion of LILA, something an enlightened friend used to remind me of, although I think he was also suggesting that I loosen up and meet some chicks. Hey, God did that part too. It just gets complicated when us Flatlanders try and sift through the storybooks.

The 7th Ray is here today, but all in time will pass away. New energies bring new opportunities and new influences. We, however, are still a melding of animal soul, rational soul and something a bit Beyond. The Spark still has its peregrinations, and all that has changed as far as THAT BRIGHT & Distant GOAL goes [near as I can tell] ... is that the `bar' has been raised a little bit.

Mount up, all ye weary and/or recently-thrown camel-jockeys. Sit yer arse right down on the camel, though, if you are hoping to sail across the moon, especially this time of year. I hear that you must get both pincers, a pretty mean bite, AND a very nasty stab from above ... IF you hope to join fair Orion in aiming for that Goal, bow fully drawn. It's a mountain-GOAT alright, that motions us forward with his head, as he scampers higher, ever higher, heading Heavenward. Best, if not fully prepared, to take the slower path and arrive safely, soundly, later learning to soar - as every Aquila must.

If only I knew jack doodly squat about this astrology stuff ...

I've got it! I'll wait for Spring, the season of Renewal, and find a sprouting plant. When the Flower blooms, I will inquire regarding the Secret. How did you do that, I will ask. What did you have to let go of? What did you have to affirm? Whose name did you call upon? What did you fear the most about the steps ahead? When all was said and done, who were you able to rely upon as your true friends?

Whatever that Flower says, I will take to Heart. I will get back to everyone. And of course, for those who know me, you realize I'm only being quasi-tongue-in-cheek. The Fiery streak within me ... is as Sirius about this as ever! ;)

They followed WHAT again, rising in the EAST, to WHERE?
Good God, when we throw 95% of the story out the window, is it any surprise we are left with sugar-coated, feel-good fluff?
And when this remaining LIGHT is so bloated, bogged-down and encrusted with materialism and advertising jingles, is it any wonder the true BELLS of Christmas are scarcely heard anymore to peal?
You feel the Holiday Spirit, you say, but do you SEE it? Can we BE it? :)

I am told this stuff is all connected somehow, and that we really are kind of strange creatures, so very paradoxical, laughable and clumsy (in an innocent sort of way) ... when viewed from afar. But also somewhat sad, and disheartening to behold, for obvious reasons. Must we really languish this way? Must we make the whole world WAIT? Perhaps it won't take 5 or 600 years. Perhaps some of the progress from the first Decan can be achieved ahead of schedule. Why ask why? I have my own advice to consider, here.

The tour bus must come to a screeching halt, if even one hapless and optimistic passenger remains out-of-doors, wandering in the bitter cold, yet standing directly in the path of progress. And most are ready, waiting and WILLING to at least be picked up, increasingly committal once we apprehend what it is we're here for, if a bit less so as we see what it is we must do to reach the Goal. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then I would consider anew Chesterton's words, letting them Inspire, rather than discourage:
"Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried." ~G.K. Chesterton
Blessings of the Season,
AndrewX/Taijasi-`John-Everyman' :)
Hey people, did you think you lost me? I have some serious thought to post. I will say this, in my original posting I thought that a bolt of lightening might come down and strike the earth, but that DID NOT happen! I thought that an event would occur November 28th at the latest..... nada! November 29th came and the earth was still here. I thought that perhaps it was a matter of timing gone awry for I have not lost my faith that the visions are true. Well, here goes insanity! My dear wife was on the computer that afternoon (11/29). She turned off the computer and the printer (an HP4400) and put it to sleep. Later I went to use the computer and the printer was on and the little yellow print light was blinking! (It is independant of the computer) I tried to turn it off.... the little yellow light kept blinking at me. Of course after several attempts I lost my Sicilian temper and yanked the power cord. Dead at last! This is where I swore I was living in an "Oh,God" movie! I plugged it back in.... the little yellow print light kept blinking at me. I went to the print que and it showed 0 (zero) to be printed out. Then I did what I should have done to start with. I put in a piece of paper and pushed the print button! I may need psychiatric help, but this is what it printed out! "Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o'er all the earth. Sages leave your contemplations, brighter visions beam a'far. Suddenly The Lord descending in His temple shall appear." Yes, I know the hymn.... and then we have Victor who has weird dreams and sees things that are not there.... I believe that something did happen, like a thief in the night! I will continue to wait..... and to believe. Victor G
Jesus said that those who attain without him are as thieves, then he says he will return as a thief... do you think it means he will return and become enlightened outside his Church?

He was certainly not fully enlightened the first time through, for he knew he would return.

Angel means messenger or intermediary in the Hebrew, could it be just the Jewish way of saying Buddha?

I would say: Yes - it is why they are often depicted with halos and energy around their head, it is the crown chakra opening. Jesus is often depicted the same, as well as many other enlightened ones. He was enlightened, but not fully...

This knowledge is lost in the West though, but they have been moved to rediscover it - hence the guru's coming to the West, and the New Age movement engaging in meditation... this is not coincidence.
The passage is talking about the current energy sweeping the world, many are becoming much more sensitive to the mystical aspects of reality. Perhaps the second coming is here, preparing for his entrance, but those who are not ready will be in trouble if it is true. Leave your contemplation and look within, grow your capacity with meditation. If you do not you will not survive the second coming, you will not be able to withstand the energy release.
I give up.

I will retire from IO and leave you to wallow in subjectivity with others to your hearts content.

Andrew can call everybody idiots and you can 'ooh' and 'aah' over planetary alignments, auras and aliens to your hearts content.

Me, I'll try to find a forum where rational people, abide.



Peace... a laudable goal, but does it occur by getting up and walking from the table?

Interfaith, many hear believe in one sort or another of unprovable invisible being or beings...and you wish to ask for proof and truth?

To quote a role of Jack Nicholson, you can't handle the truth. Not if you get up and run away.

CZ, you've been a valued contributor here, and one thing I've learned from my time here is a lot of things just ain't worth arguing about. However they are worth exploring, they are worth reading in an attempt to understand fellow beings on this big blue ball of ours.

I'm hoping you not only don't leave, but choose to contribute more than you have of late, as I've enjoyed your discourse over these years.
Wonderful to see you wil ... wasn't sure if you were around. Glad you are! :D