Christian who honour Judaism should honour Islam too?

It's not the same. You know this. Judaism is the father of my faith. The God of Abraham is My God and His name is Jesus Christ. Nice try though! 😂
I would offer it is not about trying to do away with Jesus, it is more about embracing Christ. Embracing the Oneness of God in the full Glory of God.

Christ means 'Annointed One', Jesus was Annointed by God, only the Messengers are Annointed and they One and All are One with God, and to us they are indeed the 'Self of God' amongst us in each age.

The flesh is not God, we need to study and think deeply about what the Message of Jesus offers about the flesh and the Spirit.

When we consider that the Holy Spirit is given by God (Annointed), we can consider that many Prophets and Messengers have been likewise Annointed as Jesus was, and all those Names become One in God and we can become One in those Names.

God's Kingdom on earth is all about obtaining that Oneness.

Regards Tony