What do you look like?

I hate technology...ok maybe I don't but can someone tell me where the paperclip button is?!
("...well there's not really much to say about me really..." went the goblin thinking upon it now, and then continuing "...just same old thing then, I'm short, with a long nose, pointy fingers and ears too, sharp teeth, and a greenish hew to my skin, where I'd say my yellow eyes are most becoming in their way...", yes, clearly he was just your average everyday sort of goblin then, nothing to write home about really, then adding "...guess it's just as they say then, where one just can't change the way we're born can we...")
Well, never mind what I look like now. It ain't pretty.
This is what I looked like 43 years ago posing with my band mates for an album cover.
That's me on the end trying to look all laid-back and cool.
Can't believe I once had that much hair!:D


...but alas, my band days are over and that free spirited young man
is now trapped inside some miserable old codger.;)
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Lol, since this is what "DO" you look like, you should change your other thread to.what DID you look like...and others can add 43 year old photos.
Yeah... in a lot of ways I better relate to the image of myself in the photo above then the one that stares back at me in the mirror these days.
Would some one help. I don’t know how to put my pic on.

Down at the bottom of the page, where you type entries in, you can paste your picture. Wherever you have the image on your computer, right click and copy it, then come down into the text field at the bottom of this page, right click, and select paste. It should put your image on here.
I've been memorialized in a card game that is coming out next month... The card is called Vortex...referencing my stirring things up on the internet...I don't think the card or action is very representative of me.... lol