Finish the sentence: "I love it when...."

I love it when:

My 7 year old bundle of fur plays like a kitten again. All 20 pounds of him! ...and now, both he and his servant need naps.;)
I love it when folks deny they are bigoted and rascist but their words and actions are like raising their hands saying "Me, me!"

I really don't think that this was the President's intention, but I thank him for bringing all these folks out from under their hoods and into the light! (Not really excites about having them in the white house but that seems to have emboldened them as well).

Really can't wait till someone claims it was all part of the plan.
Everyone takes a deep breath, pauses, and counts to 10.

Also, when you learn you get preps to start and end your (teaching) day!
I love it when:

We still have beautiful flowers blooming in late October!

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I love it when this thread gets used and memories of those have participated and passed on come flooding back thru... Rest in peace those who have transitioned, and wish a wonderfully fulfilling life to those who have moved on.
Well aren't you just Mr. Nice-Guy these days!:cool:
Not all that noble really. Expo in Vegas. Just didn't fancy a 15 hour flight, a hectic 3 day shooting schedule and another 15 hour flight home. Lots of fledgling photogs ready, willing and able though. So, thought I'd sub it to a good bloke looking for his 1st big break.
I love it when I can get something better for less. A lot less!

Fed up with the major landline provider in my area, constantly raise rates, noise on the line, outages, etc, I started looking into VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) systems. Ended up getting a Magic Jack just to try out. This has got to be the best bargain out there. Works flawlessly. Unlimited local and long distance calling. Call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, answering service, even a cel phone app. All at no extra charge. Speaking of which, this thing costs less a year than I was paying a month for just basic service!

They only drawback was, it only worked on one wired phone and that had to be near your router. But then, I found a way to make the Magic Jack work on every extension in the house. Turns out, all you have to do is disconnect the outside phone line from inside the box and plug the Magic Jack into any unused phone outlet. Volla! Whole house VOIP service. So, last week, much to their chagrin, I fired the phone company!

There's also something very neat you can do with this little device. Have friends and family overseas you want to call without it costing you or them an arm and a leg? Just get a Magic Jack, set it up with a US phone number and send it to them. As long as they have net access, they're now a local call. "experiment" works out better than expected (I had some leftover pico de gallo that I used instead of "regular" salsa in a brown rice and cheese combo...)

Posting the "receipt" on the Mystery thread in case anyone's interested...

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I love it when....

My neighbor comes out in 30mph wind gusts and tries to blow leaves in the opposite direction with a cordless leaf blower. He's been at it all morning!:D
I love it when I think about stuff which is cool or interesting to me or which is maybe a little strange or obscure but has come through me in weird ways and feels like a spiritual message or communication even if its a bit odd.

I love it when, similar to the above, I find some video or music with visuals or lyrics or arrive upon some discovery of material which seems to be like it speaks to me or towards something being told to me.

I love it when strange and amazing miracles seem to happen.

I love it when I look at the things I like.

I love it when, similar to the above, I look at myself and appear attractive or beautiful to myself.

I love it when I imagine myself even better and see it as possible, even more when I achieve it.
New folks come to visit. We get the same regular offerings at our potluck. It isn't that I don't like the dishes people bring, we get something fresh every now and again. But the newcomers bring flavors we haven't had or at least seen in a while. Some are awesome, others an acquired taste, others tough to swallow. But heck the variety and expansion of our collective taste buds and minds is so worth it.