Your Two (Words) Cents Worth Presently

Egrett Gore

Egrett Gore,
I own
Her, ewe.
You did
Not, no.
Jew was
Creating me
A soulmate.
Let it
Sink in.

Wolf wing
But. I
Am only
The heart.
You are
The hands,
The feet,
The voice,
The action,
The thinking.
I take
A lower
Place that
I might
Elevate you.
Enjoy love,
Treasure it.
You are
Loved, you
Are Beloved.
Be loved,
Be treasured.
Lovely Craz
Whir half
You bean?
Missed you...
So sweet.
Calm, still,
Deep waters
Of safety
And warmth.
Kitty stuff.
Love one,
Love all.
Love all,
Love one.
Love expansion,
Love origin.
One became
Many, many
Became one.
Greetings @stranger

Well, a pole has two ends,
Maybe there is such a pole with one end
that can be reached by
that one hand that claps
It has been said that 'seeing is believing',
Only believing is believing.