Your Two (Words) Cents Worth Presently

The tears
Of life
Drop from
My eye.
To cleanse,
To nourish,
To chastise.
My tears
Have no
End. They
Flow forever,
Bathing those
I love
In eternal
bliss. Selah
over top
crowned heads
comfort foods
guilty pleasures
just desserts
A mutual friend of myself(M) and another person(A) recently died.
We were all fans of the Moody Blues and this is part of the conversation we had when we heard our friend had died,

A: Sad! Not even on Tuesday afternoon
M: He was a true (K)Night in White Satin
A: And his Days of Future have Passed
M: He was a good boy who deserves favour
A: Who was on the threshold of a dream...until today!
M: He is past his 7th Sojourn
A: And in search for the lost chord
M: Well every goodbye deserves favour
A: I think that's a question of balance
M: Well I have to go now to eat falafel
A: Sounds like a good idea! Leave some to our children's children's children
M: Yes, I shall note that in my dear diary
Your own
words will
now decide
your fate.
Choose them,
care fully.