What music are you listening to?


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I suddenly felt an urge to break-out my little-played CD "The Best of Earth Wind and Fire". Just played Fantasy, Boogie Wonderland, and now listening to Let's Groove.

Great upbeat happy music. :)

Will probably not be able to cope with the rest of the album, though. :D
Oh lordy, that was getting a bit too much. :)

Now replaced with Bjork's "Homogenic", and the more relaxing track "All Neon Like".
Earth, Wind and Fire? Yikes! A trip down memory lane?

When I worked in the lab we often played Abba's Greatest Hits and the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever. Oh I sometimes miss those days...

Right now I am listening to silence, which is actually rather nice. Soon I will join my daughters who on this wet snowy day are watching Shrek, which has a good soundtrack. Will that count?
I usually have my MP3s set on random. Right now it's The Band "When I Paint My Masterpiece". Someone on a list I'm on posted a challenge a couple of weeks ago - set your player to Random and list the next 10 songs:

"When I paint my masterpiece" - The Band
"Cartouche" - Blackmore's Night
"Motorcycle (Significance of the song)" - Arlo Guthrie
"Yemaya" - Robert Gass
"I dreamed a dream" from Les Miserables (NY Cast)
"Rockin' Hillbilly" - Chesapeake
"Mountain Hare Krishna" - Krishna Das
"John Scotter Trot" - Spike Jones
"NY Prophesie" - Blues Traveller
"Amanda's Wedding" - Jeff Victor (Lifescapes CD)

Rather tame combo for me - none of the truly odd stuff I have (as I recall when I answered the challenge post, it had Sweet Transvestite next to Beethoven's 6th Symphony, followed by a Weird Al song - which is more typical of what shows up on mine)
1. The Spy (cover of The Doors from the goth doors cover compilation "Darken My Fire") by Eerie Von (former danzig bassist)
2. Hello Skinny/Constantinople by Primus
3. Thank God (Radio Edit) by Mindless Self Indulgence
4. L'adieu by Frederic Chopin
5. Tzama Lchol Nafshi by Matisyahu
6.Hard F****** by Tenacious D
7. Bukinovsky by Golem (klezmer with a modern twist)
8. Dead Gardens by Nightwish (operatic metal)
9. Vanishes in Oblivion by Balzac (japanese horrorcore)
10. My B**** Is a Junky by Kill Allen Wrench (Satanic rock metal)
11. Intro (from the album Outkast) by Outkast
12. Mother of Mercy by Samhain (Somewhat goth Glenn Danzig project between Misfits and Danzig)
13. Don't Talk to Strangers by Dio (*hides*)
14. Miles to Go by Del the Funky Homosapien (rapper, featured in Deltron 3030 and Gorillaz, to name a couple projects)

I chose to do four more, for the sake of variety.
Man, I'm going to show my age (groan)!

Little Feat, Allman Bros., Dylan's Infidels, My comprehensive collection of James Taylor, Black Crowes, Dixie Chicks, Mickey Hart's Drumming on the Edge of the Universe, the first Deep Forest CD, Jai Uttal, Cesaria Evora, Nusrat Fateh ali Khan, John Denver's Wildlife Conservancy benefit album, Carlos Nakia, ELP, Greenday's American Idiot...

I got my daughters hooked on Kiss Destroyer!!! You should hear my three year old try to sing God of Thunder!:)

Wow - I think I recognised about 5 artists in all the above posts. :)
Artists, bands, whathaveyous that I've been listening to:

Dr Israel Presents Dreadtone International: Patterns of War (interesting new Reggae)
Bob Marley and various Hip-Hop artists: Chant Down Babylon
Acoustic Alchemy: Positive Thinking
and various contemporary Irish/Celtic music

Like lunamoth, I am enjoying the silence often these days. ;)
Namaste all,

at this point, i'm listening to silence as well :)

though, in terms of music that i am enjoying currently:

Audioslave "Out of Exile" - a combination of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden.

Disturbed "10,000 Fists" - a modern metal band.

Iron Maiden "Greatest Hits" - Up the Irons!!

Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti" - i shouldn't have to explain this band :)

Tantra Lounge 1 - a groovy mix of asian melodies and breat beats of various artists like Jah Sha Tan.

Buddha Chill - same sort of thing.

My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult "Sexplosion" - hard to describe, really. it is a very unique sound that they have though it would be, probably, electronica.

Staind "14 Shades of Gray" - hard rock band that is quite talented.

Queensreich "Operation Mindcrime" - 80's metal theme album

Sounds of Tibet - a compliation of various chants and songs and what not.

Counting Crows "August and Everything After" - i've recently had the chance to listen to this album and really, really like it :)


You know it was a mystery to me what kind of music I liked until quite recently because I pretty much like it all. But I realized there’s a difference between stuff I can listen to and stuff that engages me emotionally. And it turns out that the engaging stuff for me could all be put under the rubric of “emergent”, beginning points of all genres, roots music, old timey, parlour music, early blues, hillbilly, rockabilly, folk, anything that still retains some primitive glow, lack of self-reference and over-refinement. If there’s one guiding spirit in all this, I guess it would be Bob Dylan, whose whole career is dedicated to the reframing of these emergent forms and the elusive attempt to recapture the originating moment.

Lately I’ve been listening to Pete Seeger, Louis Armstrong, Woody Guthrie...but in just vengeance for you people listing all those bands I’ve never heard of, here’s a list of people maybe you’ve never heard of, taken from my old timey compilations:

Leadbelly, Roy Acuff, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Rodgers, Rev. J.M. Gates, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bill Monroe, Washington Phillips, The Carter Family, Dock Boggs, Uncle Dave Macon, Son House, Clarence “Tom” Ashley & Bukka White.

Peter Gabriel: The Tower that Ate People.
Sting: All This Time
Rage Against the Machine: Freedom
Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G
Leslie Fish's The Gods Are Not Crazy, Banned From Argo, Grandma, Pink Floyd's Learning to Fly, Apocalyptica's Souls of Rage and Sorrow, The Eagle's Hotel California album, Caroline's Spine's Sullivan (acoustic version), KISS's Beth, Alice Cooper's Only Women Bleed, Aerosmith's Janie's Got A Gun, Monty Python's Camelot, Daft Punk's Interstella 5555 and a few "Weird Al" Yankovic tunes (including Horoscope of the Day)

These are a few of the songs/albums I've got (hoping for more someday).

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
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I have recently become enchanted with a little ensemble called "Celtic Woman." A large part of their appeal is visual, and I would love to see them in concert live. They are coming to my town soon--I wonder how much the cheap seats are?:)

I've been arranging music to listen to by theme. One of my themes is... animals. I also sort all of the songs in order by type of animal. My dog songs are:

Atomic Dog by George Clinton
Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
Too Many Puppies by Primus
A Boozehound Named Barney (from the Simpsons)
The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochy Theme (")
Poochy Rap song (")
Señor Burns (") by Tito Puente
Two Dozen and One Greyhounds Medley (")

"Do the dogcatcher, dogcatcher, do the dogcatcher."

I really like the works of english composer John Tavener.
I just got his 'Veil of the Temple', a long choral work which quotes from diverse traditions - sufism, orthodoxy and hinduism.

I mainly listen to classical music these days - Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi etc.

On the level of more popular music, I like Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, Brian Eno, Gillian Welch, and some George Harrison (Brainwashed in particular).
I grew up listening to what my mom listened to which I still enjoy - The Eagles, Phil Collins, Lobo, Elton John, Air Supply, anything that'd make you wanna cry, lol.

As a teenager I went off on a rock tangent (yikes here comes the age revealing part) - Metallica, Guns-N-Roses, Megadeth. There doesn't seem to be any good anti-establishment angry rock anymore, somehow it calms me when I'm too worked up.

Left to my own devices I mostly listen to the more easy-listening stuff myself these days: Jann Arden, Jewel, Texas, Avril Lavigne (a little more rocker-chick :)). But when I want to go out for a night of dancing it's all club/dance music - Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Kaskade, Black Eyed Peas...

I love music :D