What music are you listening to?

Following this morning's spam parade, this Brad Paisley tune instantly came to mind...

(I'm so much cooler)

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This just ended:
Bohemian Rhapsody just ended, now it's Born in the USA. Yeah, the protest song that the GOP can't understand is a protest song, then uses it as a "walk-on" song. :rolleyes:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
One of the Guitar Heroes of my misguided Youth.
Mr. Joe Walsh
with the James Gang Circa 1971 performing their hit single: "Walk Away"
Man, listen to that Les Paul (Walsh' Guitar) sing...

...and from a 2014 60 Minutes interview
Man in the Box by Alice in Chains

It's a song that I think 17th would like (definitely "headbanger" stuff imho.) Not for fundamentalist Christians.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Something that might bring back fond memories of misspent youths for the OFs:


Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Indeed! Ok, if we're going back to that era let's do it right.

The Allman Brothers band "Jessica" 1973

...and here's Allman Brothers lead guitarist Richard "Dickey" Betts with son Duane showin' how it's done.
My ain't that Gold Top Lester sweet. Just like mine!:)
P.S. "Hey Auss, guess what tune your daughter-in-law is learning next?"...lol:D
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Something that might bring back fond memories of misspent youths for the OFs:

Ha! That had me back behind the wheel of my '68 Plymouth Barracuda, cranking up the Steve Miller Band on the 8-track, cruising north overnight and riding into the dawn ...
Another 'flashback' this weekend when someone mentioned Dreadzone:

A decade or so later, a different vibe ...
Here's an odd one ...

This is what, according to Jay Stapley (on your left), 'old fart rockers' do when they get together ... if you like 'guitar onanism', this is for you.

Jay's daughter and mine were at school together, and if anyone remembers "Ab Fab", they did an awesome Patsy and Edsie routine at their school Christmas entertainment, replete with ****, Bollie and suggestions of other chemical enhancements ... nice to know the kids are keeping the flame alive...