Past Lives

Dereku said:
The only thing I can really think of is the fact that my entire life I've had this obsession with Japan. I'm not talking about the animation or whatever, I mean...I'm really interested in their language, their culture, etc etc. I've always had an extreme fascination. I also find that their language is, unlike what many people say, extremely easy to learn.
Then again, I find many foreign languages are easy to learn if you can make your tongue work for you. ^_^
Welcome to CR, Dereku. :)

Interesting as well, becausew would that mean it may be possible you lived a past life in Japan - - - or else that in a past life you had a desire to visit Japan but were never able to? The possibilities are part of the fun in the exploration. :)
Past lives is a fascinating concept to me as well. Of course, Eastern thought very much so believe in past lives - I don't see why anyone shouldn't. I can't imagine mankind being this advanced without us acquiring knowledge through past lives. You ever heard of anyone as appearing as if they 'have been here before'? Yeah. Strange thing about me is I didn't really pick up Spanish or French when I studied it but I picked up Latin as if it is a very natural tongue for me. When I dig into ancient history it is familiar to me like my childhood of this life is. I seldom have dreams with me as a subject but when I do, they are all B.C. I don't know anything about dreams, I just have them. But I'll bet that if I ever get to go to some particular place in Europe that I haven't quite figured out yet, I'd be right at home.
I have some very vivid past-life memories of being a wolf. As for the past-life regression therapy not turning up animal past-lives, I can answer that as well. A person in a state of hypnosis is generally very eager to please. If you tell them to regress back to a certain time, they try their best to do it....if they can't really remember something, well, they'll just have to make something up, because you gave them the expectation that something was there. If you ask them to speak to you, then you automatically preclude an animal can't talk if you're in the mindset of a non-human animal. So, have to move on to a different past-life, in order to speak.
I think there may be genuine memories there, but also a lot of embellishment created by certain expectations. A person can't speak from the perspective of an ancient European, if they are speaking modern English! They could try to translate it, sure, but that leaves a lot of leeway. The strongest memories we have tend to be sensory impressions...things we have seen, smelled, tasted. Not words. We learn language later in life. When asked to use language to describe what's happening from, say, the perspective of an infant, things are going to get messed up.
At least what a human is thinking in another language can be roughly translated into words in this language....not so for a non-human. Most species are not self-aware, and we know this, but I don't think most folks really understand what that means, in terms of communication.

When you remember the past, and consider the future, but don't consider your own actions until after you've acted, how can you possibly explain yourself to someone in a human language? That kind of communication requires more than physical expressions of emotion, it requires you to consider what you want to convey in advance, and that type of thought just isn't in there for more than a handful of species.

The eager-to-please mind under the influence of hypnosis could hardly hope to tackle such a problem, and the most convenient thing is to skip it altogether.
dear lovely members here
i was so happy to join all of you here
i injoyed so much to read some of what you wrote
but plz permiss me to add some notes , i think they will be important in your disicussion
first :its true that a human may be was in another life before and with different shap ,manner and six ... thats not imagination but its documented
second : to understand that fact we have to know what a human consist of
and here i say >> a human basicly is a self < and that self can live in any body >>> if her body was from the earth substances >> he will be that human we know about our self < .. if the body was from fire he will be another creation like devil >>>> and that self cannt controle the body and live and deal with it on the earth if that body not a life >>> as we see when the body damaged by any way >>>>
and we can feel that only when we leave our bodies for sleeping or death and some people feel and know that in comma during sudden shocks or some thing like that ...
so our selfes get free only when go out of body and so become more able to see and treat with many other worlds that we cannt deal with it with our body .... so our bodies are not more than like a car we ride it for a while every day , and we must leave it to be repaired and finly we will leave it at all when it cannt be able to be used by us .. or when our time off on the earth as we see the death of others every day
third : we were exist before enter these bodies and we will be also exist after we leave the bodie , but then we will be not able to deal with others who still have a time in their bodies .
so ..all what we see in dreams and some times in a strane cases are not more than a visions or important notes about the reality of the human life and creation .
fourth : all what u see in dreams is a shadow of true and some times under some conditions is the pure true ... as example ... you may see a dream some day ... even you forget it ... sudden u find it happen as u saw and you cannt change any thing of it even what u do ar say ...
or you see some one for the 1st time and feel that you know him from a long time ago ...
fifth : try to fell what happen when you start to sleep .. you will loose you feeling with your legs .. then your middle of body ... then step by step till you become not feel all your body but only you backhead ... and if you cross that stage you will sleep easy ... but if you cannt cross that easy you will wake up and cannt sleep easy after that ...
dear lovely members :
its a wide world of sceince and we can talk for the end of the world and will not even can know every thing
so ... see you next time as my time permiss or mail me with you questions if you care
happy lovely and peacefull life for all humen and all of you
good bye​
I think we all have past lives. I am a Christian, the religion that wouldn't advocate such a thing, yet the christian scriptures sort of support it. God says to one of the prophets that "before you were in the womb I knew you". Christ is the "first born of all creation", yet he was not born of Mary til the 1st century, and he, along with all of us were foreordained from the foundation of the world; this means that Christ was here as the first being, and we also somehow existed, at least in the spirit world. The Bible also says that we go from "glory to glory", which appears to mean that we evolve from one level to the next, one life to the next and one understanding to the next. We are also eternal spirits, and eternity goes in both directions of time. Even though we were created "after" God existed, we still have had quite a bit of time in the universe, not just on earth. Maybe our past life was with God in a heavenly abode. Maybe we had chances, here, to come to know about God, and each life we got closer to knowing, until finally we accepted him or something. From then on we were given permission to bring his message to others, or something like that. That would give a reason for having past and future lives, which I personally need. The pagan idea that we just keep having lives for no aparent reason kind of baffles me - to just correct a mistake from a past life seems a sort of torment. So for me, IF I had a past life, then it was a progressive situation where I was allowed to keep living until I came to truely understand and recognize God and accept him. That is why Christian scriptures say that God is "long suffering so that none will be lost" - he waits and waits for us to believe in him so that none of us will be lost - who is to say that his long suffering, his waiting, does not span several of our lives? Perhaps it does. Once we make the decision, our lives either continue or they don't. A believer is allowed to choose whether to continue in God's presence or come back to the world to share God with others, repeatedly until the world comes to a conclusion and God begins a new era. To me this makes the most sense for a past life. The other thing that impresses me about past lives is that maybe my "past" life is tied up somehow in my own genetic and family background. Why am I attracted to thoughts about the ancient Teutons and Celts? That is my heritage, for sure. But if past lives were random, I would maybe have ideas about being Chinese, or Greek or something. But I never have. I did used to have mental pictures of American Indians, and just recently found out that I have 1/64th Cherokee heritage. Maybe our "lives" are really our experiences as we reside inside our ancestors, waiting to be born. Because technically we are there, inside their eggs and sperm, living with them as they live their lives out. Inside them is an entire universe of life, and only a few are chosen to carry on, until we are finally born. Maybe that is all a past life is - the memory of who we were when we resided inside someone else long ago. I know we can not prove anything scientifically, but we do "feel" eternal in spirit, most of us. I think that is because we truely are.
I've had lucid dreams, but most of these have just been when I've liked a dream enough that I've gone back and... dreamt it some more, heh.

On the other hand, I do have this 'experience' that happens every so often. You know when you're in a car, usually the passenger, and you go past a line of houses or trees when the sun is right behind them and it seems to flash? Well, when I close my eyes during that, I tend to see really vivid and powerful images of places and people I've never been to or met. They tend to be strong enough that when I open my eyes again, it's much like when you have a 'falling' dream and you jerk when you wake up. I don't remember many of the details when I think back on it, but that might be because they're so short that I never have enough time to remember a great deal. Does anyone else get this? More to the point, does anyone know what this is? I would suggest that it has something to do with my mother's epilepsy, as when I pass out for some reason or another (like when I had anaemia last year, or when I got really nervous at the hospital the year before) I have been known to twitch mildly- a small kick of the leg maybe, but I don't actually have enough symptoms to be classed as epileptic, so it might not be that. I'm not sure :confused: Anyone willing to help?
My wife and I have had at least two occasions where we were simultaneously dreaming the same scene. We even had conversation and interactions that we began to act out in a semi-wakened state, until we both woke up completely and wondered how incredible it seemed. One time we were definitely asian. Sometimes my wife said she really felt like we were asian in our relationship, not american. Years later my wife went to a psychic who said we had been together for at least 6 lives as a couple. The most powerful and influential was the life we spent in China, because that life (the psychic said) started a lot of the difficulty that we have been working out over the other lifetimes.

It's quite amazing to consider this. In another life I was supposedly a church pastor in Ireland (same wife). In this current life I have always felt a very strong draw to the ministerial routine, but I don't feel it's meant to be so in this life. Hearing the psychic's thoughts put this provided a comfortable resolution to that inner conflict.
I too have had strange dreams very vivid that I think have something to with past lives, when I was very young starting from about 8 or 9 years old until I was about 14 I had one recurring dream (the exact same series of events would replay in the exact same order!) of my house being invaded by soldiers (an unbelievable fear would set in, literally expecting death) and not knowing where any of my family members were hiding in my desperation I would hide in the kitchen in the oven!! the dreams were so frightening I would wake up in a sweat and my heart beating a million miles an hour. at the time they started I was too young to know anything about war etc but in my early teens my grandfather opened up about his experiences in the war and I learned more through school

well im not sure if in my past life I was involved in war but there is an eirey familiarness to some footage (film and pics) ive seen of ww2
in all honesty I believe it was the russian red army I was hiding from.
yes morrigan ive had the same thing happen. or similar (not health related)

where a familiar feeling takes over and I lapse into this state of half wake half off with the faeries and it can stay for many minutes depending on disruptions
I do believe I have amazing thoughts during this but do not remember once I am awakend.
alas!, my eyes are open when I have my 'experience'
Just bumping a topic linked to from the main site. :)
I think that we are all part of a huge recycling program.
How it really works, nobody knows (although there are lots of hucksters around who will tell you exactly how it is).
But the whole point of being a blank slate at birth is to give the individual a truly fresh start.
If one was to have a mind full of all the things which populated it in the previous life, then how would they be able to be different.
The same fears and misconceptions would be a huge challenge.
But then again we have a fairly effective delivery mechanism in the teaching process, both intentional and the things a child just picks up "by osmosis".

I have heard that ibogaine is an effective means to have experiences of "past lives" in some fashion, but I have never tried it, so can say very little about it.
I have never tried any means for past-life regression, nor have I tried any drugs that have induced experiences in some people. Yet I was not a blank slate at birth and have had dreams of other times/places and worked through a lot of issues relating to that for my entire life, beginning when I was about 4.

I actually think that most are not entirely "wiped clean" and that our past experiences can influence (unknowingly) our current perceptions and decisions. But that is neither here nor there, because most people don't seem to have any consciously held memories, so even if they are influenced by their past, they can't analyze it and choose whether or not to change it. I find it freeing to have access to at least some of what feels like memories. I say "feels like" because you never really know how your mind is actually categorizing things and why, but in my head, they fit in the same category of this-life memories. To work through certain things has been difficult, but rewarding, and while I don't understand all of it, the parts I do understand has helped me know myself better and identify where certain feelings, thought processes, even beliefs come from. I don't see it as substantially different from usual therapeutic work in this lifetime- that is, things like analyzing how your parents and internal "scripts" one learns as a child impacts your thinking process, or how your culture has shaped your worldview and limited the way you might interpret data in the world. It seems to be the same exact process of self-reflection, but dealing with past cultures, past internal scripts, past familial ties, etc.

For me, reflecting on what seems to be past life memories has enabled me to understand myself better and to give myself things that make me feel more at home and fulfilled in this life. It's like I'm an onion- at the center, there is nothing at all but God manifesting diversity, but the layers have been me becoming something increasingly unique. Somehow certain skills and worldviews bleed through from one layer to another, though the details of memory are fuzzy. Somehow certain moments are crystallized in my memory and as clear as any memory I have from this life, and most are not. And the losses I experienced in the past, as well as my cultures, impact what I expect (and may not receive) in this lifetime as well as my interpretation of events now. I found it useful to reflect on what seems to have happened before this life in order to work through some issues of grief that would bleed through into this life. If it is simply a symbolic representation of working through emotions and beliefs in this life alone, it still seems to help.

I choose not to have any set beliefs about what happens to me after death, but rather focus on what God wants for me and to be content with that. However, reincarnation certainly is the best fitting belief for my experiences in this life- it's the only thing that fairly simply explains why I am the way I am and has helped me to process my "memories" in a useful way. It also helped me to overcome being too attached to everything in this life, to let go of my expectations and accept where God takes me one day.
My experience is that I walked around for a number of years spouting a fairly standard line about reincarnation and so forth. I realized later that I was just parroting stuff I'd heard and read. I mainly wanted to aggrandize the cool swami portion of the ego identity I was developing, I realized. Truth is I just don't know. I still like incense and stuff, though.:)

I actually think that most are not entirely "wiped clean" and that our past experiences can influence (unknowingly) our current perceptions and decisions.

I'm more on the side of a good clean wipe... based on the notion that our sense of self is intimately tied to the physical aspect of our body. What's left is an awareness beyond any me or mine, past, present or future. This awareness finds its outlet in physical life, so I wouldn't be surprised if I pop up now and then... here and there.

But that may be a little too limiting. What outlets might awareness have beyond organic life as we know it? Probably more than we could ever imagine.
When I was a kid, my sense of self was not tied to my body. I actually was very surprised about my body and it took me a long time to become adjusted to the idea that I was stuck with it and my brain, and all their inherent limitations. I eventually came to accept it, but I still feel like "I" drive around this body and brain. I realize that is an odd experience compared to most, but it makes sense within the context of my own life.
I actually was very surprised about my body and it took me a long time to become adjusted to the idea that I was stuck with it and my brain, and all their inherent limitations. I eventually came to accept it, but I still feel like "I" drive around this body and brain.

I know exactly what you mean - still feel that way sometimes when I'm aware enough to (ie, outside of mundane stresses and routines). :)

I especially remember as a kid walking around trying to visualise people to different anatomical layers - ie, without skin, muscle, etc, to the point of sometimes trying to focus on everyone being just a brain riding on a skeleton.

I didn't think it was odd, actually - what I found more odd was how easily humanity completely overlooks - or tries to ignore - our physical bodies as physical bodies, and instead always look on them with an extended sense of self.
I feel that we are swept more or less clean so that we can more fully learn from the experiences that we encounter. I believe that the experiences of each life are the reason for the multiple lives. We encounter different experiences in each life, accumulating to a point where we ourselves know all there is. As Jesus said, Ye are all gods. But who knows? I guess I'll find out when I die again.
On the issue of past lives - the general received explanation (if accepting some form of reality to past life experiences or reincarnation theory) is that we are each a single "true self" that periodically and linearly is reborn on this earth.

However, I remember my NDE-like experience our True Selves were not only vast, but that this True Self was experiencing multiple lifetimes across space at the same "time". The whole process worked completely outside of time, instead happening pretty much instantaneously. Therefore all of those "past lives" were actually occurring in the same frame, or at least, in a way that was completely different to our normal idea of linear time. The only reason the progression seems linear is because of our limited human perception.

Additionally - or alternatively - if it's accepted that everything is in connection with everything else in the universe somehow (something previously discussed - "tapping into the universe", almost like an etheric field of Victorian physics) then if you're able to tap into this, then you should theoretically be able to tap into any experience, regardless the source. So against normal reincarnation theory, you could instead tap into the experiences of anyone, presuming the right connections and triggers were present.

Perhaps both concepts above are not actually mutually exclusive, but this Sunday morning I'm not awake enough to try and bring them together, so merely mention them in case one or the other perspective makes any sense to anyone. :)
I 'sort of' go with the idea from physics that no information is ever lost and that time is an illusion. Combine the two and....
I believe that the experiences of each life are the reason for the multiple lives. We encounter different experiences in each life, accumulating to a point where we ourselves know all there is. As Jesus said, Ye are all gods. But who knows? I guess I'll find out when I die again.
Part of my perception of us as manifestations of the eachness of the allness is we are here experiencing for the one. We'll continue to experience until we have the experience and the stimulus that required of us here in 3d, and then we'll head to the next venture.