The "OF" Corral

Dammit, I wanna have a beer!

One time...there was 123 n I and a few others at a wedding....we raised a glass.

Idk if I will just isn't likely...makr to the UKnThomas and RJM and others or to Germany and have an Augustinabrau muchen.with Cino...or.whatever with whoever or have seatlegal douse me with guiness while eating a pretzel...but i sure would like to!

Dammit, I wanna have a beer!

It does not need to be beer, but share a moment, raise a glass, to this fairly unique io experience we have going.

This comment is buried here in plain site...will become a thread with enough likes.

We were zooming around on this planet, flying around the globe, working thousands of hours per year, nonstop the before times....and then...the pandemic.

Work at home, zoom meetings, tech on overdrive...we made it through it, covid is now here to is Zoom.

How about it? Can we each byob? Bring your own bottle/libation? No need for alcohol, just a face, a smile, a hello?

An I/O zoom? If you are down to explore, no need for text response, just like this post... I will start a thread to discuss.

Love you all, cheers.
Do you want a :kitty: delivery of baked goods to go with your beer?

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
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