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....whys guy.... ʎʇıɹoɥʇnɐ uoıʇsǝnb
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Got something on your profile page or social group you want to share?

I figured this might be a way to let others know.

On the social group Anecdotes and Antipodes I've been *slowly* getting around to putting together what I hope will be a long term discussion on prehistoric humanity. Right now there are a few pics of cave paintings and Venus figures. I invite any who wish to participate to drop by and let me know what they think.


Anybody else got anything going on?

I know Seattlegal has been putting together some stuff for customizing the profile pages, and Dauer has a pretty good discussion going on the social group Neurodiversity.

Does anybody else have anything they are putting together, or even planning on?
I like that. IO. The look of those two letters next to each other is aesthetically pleasing.
Oh yeah Europa rawks. It was featured in one of the books in the 2001 series by Arthur C Clarke.
I want to promote the Dreamers group. Come on guyz, I know at least *counts on fingers* a lot of you are interested in dreams. ( Interfaith forums - Dreamers ) Besides, I put all of that effort into a slightly humorous group description that's now going to waste *cries*:

"Some topics for discussion: dream journaling, dream analysis, lucid dreaming. Share your dreams and anything else related to dreaming. We'd like to give a special thanks to our sponsors, Morpheus Imaging Solutions and Mister Sandman, makers of Sandman Sleeping Powder. Mister Sandman, bringing you your dreams (bung bung bung bung) since 1954."

Also, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fanatics is new: Interfaith forums - Science Fiction & Fantasy Fanatics