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  • Oh I forgot to add . . . it was a reference to the movie, The Eighteenth Angel, where a Satan-worshiping cult gathers a bunch of children to be candidates for a devil incarnate. The devil wants the child with the most beautiful face.
    I have been in a negative mode for a long time, so I only see the dark side. I'm aware of that though, and it looks like life is going to get better. When it does I'll feel more prepared to have an opinion about what you're talking about. For now, I'm not sure. I say keep the nukes in their silos.
    I'm not sure, because raw life has such an edge to it. The weak die, and that's it.
    'tis the ones u never suspect that are the most devilish sir ;-)

    hey what can I say... takes one to know one ;)

    (insert evil devil emoticon here)
    u know dude... u got some serious voyeuristic tendencies

    i should ask brian to remove the "viewing whose online" feature cuz of people like you...

    I'm American. I had to look up what a jaffa cake is. Hi! YouTube - Inglourious Toddlers (Inglourious Basterds Spoof)
    A.) I'm not shomer kashrut. B.) There are kosher cheeses, pizzas, lasagna etc. There's a kosher pizza place not far from where I live.
    Right, no contest. No contest. I like to change my avatar often as well. No contest or I might cheat. Dig the fork in the road.
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