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  • What was that? A 21 day lie-down? Thought you'd gone and joined the Mormons also. Whatever the cause....welcome back!!
    We're all fish out of water & strangers in a foreign land. Tell France I said viva la.
    I very rarely watch TV. I have trouble figuring out how to turn the TV on, much less change the channel. :eek:
    So when do the capes & masks start arriving in the mail? Also, what tempted you to come back? Was it the movie thread?
    Is he the type of person that would have a mezuzah on his door? Is that nicer than the one he has? If the answer to both question is yes, go for it. If the answer to the first question is yes and the second is, "Well, he has one that's as nice but it would be more special coming from me" then go for it. I don't think you can go wrong so long as it's something that would fit him as an individual.
    I have my own apartment but I'm almost always at my girlfriend's apartment. Men can light the candles. It is customary for a female to light the candles but in the absence of a female, a male can. My gf happens to like lighting candles. Even though her family never observed Shabbat that's I think still something that she connects with on some level. It's the actual observances of the day that she's not used to. It's hard for her to slow down. edit: And my parents don't really observe Shabbos though since their shul got a new rabbi my dad's been going on saturday mornings.
    Thanks. Shavua tov is what you'd say after Shabbos. Don't have too much planned. Still warming my girlfriend up to the idea of observing Shabbos. Will probably take myself to shul Sat morning if I'm not too tired and read a little about Shabbos with her at some point tonight.
    btw if you have something to add to the thread you might as well. Would be more constructive.
    No, not exactly. More like, what's the name of that guy? He was in X, Y and Z. He's black, usually has a shaved head and is in a lot of roles where he does such-and-such. That's not what was said as I don't remember, but black was only part of a larger description in the same way that if I was referring to a white guy, that would only be part of a description, yet an important part.
    Peace be upon you dear fellow.

    Hasbun Allah wa ni'am al-wakil.
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