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  • Friends.... I forgot all about that feature.... I thought we been friends for quite a while...

    peace and contemplations...

    Grand. I will let you load up the 75lb alfalfa bales and 50 lb feedsacks, but only if you bring really good chocolate chip cookies. (I am easily bribed)
    Hi Janz,
    Thank you for the note. You are right I have been very busy! Nice to be able to relax and read the threads, and post here and there. Glad you are getting over the flu. We had it in our house and it is not fun.

    Not quite. I was into necromancy for a while but pushing the Coffins up hill was not my cup of tea. I am more into the down hill Races.
    Not quite. Tell you what, Janz, I challenge you to a duel. Fruit Cakes at 10000 paces.<grin>
    Wonderful post in the "Veterans day Thoughts" thread.

    I don't think we've met yet, janz. I am James :D
    Nice links to the Max Dashu stuff on the controversial "matriarchy" thread. I quickly read the "Icons" article and would like to take some time to look over some of the other ones before I post again. :)
    Hello! :)

    All is well. Busy days with things going on at the girls' school, gardening and yard work, and many other things! Have not had as much time for posting but I am around.

    Happy holiday weekend!

    I love your avatar, you live in a beautiful place. Thanks for your kind comments too, I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.
    Si Si Paladin. As soon as the flowers start to bloom (in late May to June); I will post some photos. Plus I want to set the privacy for friends only. I have plenty of pics from last summer as well.
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