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  • I frequent CARM, bro ... I've met some really nice people there. It CAN be poison, but no more wicked than any other place online [imo]. I can usually stir up some good convo's there, but then there are the poisonous posts that tend to get in the way of progress, lol. Are we friends over there? Look me up, and I'll add ya !

    The way I see it is we all view things differently, but if we can manage to focus less on our differences, and more on what we have in common, progress can be made. Then there are times when we each want to get our views across, lol. I find it best to exercise a bit of tolerance in those situations ... patience too. Sometimes others make things personal, which makes it difficult to keep focus, but it's worth it if you can manage [imo] :)
    Nice atmosphere you got in here ... "Grace and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord, Jesus Christ" (Very cool). :)
    (Losing my religion thread) Actually my upbringing wasn't very religious at all. I had influence, sure but my dad is not at all religious, and my mother never sought after G-d until later in life. so it was with me. I began my journey as a free thinker with the desire to knwo G-d, and here I am today, attempting to ditch the baggage for truth alone. Thank, btw!!

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