Plethora of pointless posts

Rite then...

Group founded as The Commonwealth of Randomness

*cheers, clapping and all the rest*...

Interfaith forums - The Commonwealth of Randomness

1st Point of Note: This group shall have no "el Presidente"
as that would clearly imply some kind of order..
no no ... none that here!!!

2ndly... Dog's can't fly !! Clearly that thought is just stupid!
greymare said:
oh, but mindless banter is all i have to offer. lol
Alex aka Col Mustard said:
Much respect and anxious to hear your reply
Col. Alex Mustard.
Sometimes a well placed joke brings sanity to a myopic confrontation, other times a well placed punch ends a bad joke before it is finished. Your jokes are funny but I wish you did not refer to your posts as mindless banter even in jest. Threads tend to loose touch with reality unless someone is there standing on it, saying 'Hey this is ridiculous' or 'Hey its only hay'. I put stock in your opinions, question your motives, and include you in my conspiracy theories. At the moment I think you are a couple of right-winged assassins, which is probably what you want me to think. I'm probably just way out there.
what was the point of it all :)

oh well this is the point

Now as to the things being discussed this is the MAIN POINT We have such a high priest as this, and he has sat down at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, Hebrews 8;1

And there was certainly a point to that one:)

Oh, Mee. Thank goodness. I was afraid that I would be the last one to post in this thread. I don't need that kind of negative attention.

wait a minute.... doh!
I wonder if this is the direction the forum owner and its moderators want to go in.

Thanks for your interest!

As internet forums become more popular, spammers and trolls become more common. So do pointless posts and threads. As a forum administrator, it's always a choice between personal freedom on one hand and discipline and order on the other hand and not quite often a forum turns out in either total anarchy or totalitarian tyranny. I still have to find the first forum where the administration enforces just the right amount of discipline and order to keep a forum running smoothly without harming the personal freedom of all willing to debate maturely and rationally.
Lunamoth said:
Got your back there Dream

I solemnly swear that there are no points in this post, not even a period
Totally cool. Very awesome, and also I'd like to reiterate that.
Totally cool. Very awesome, and also I'd like to reiterate that.

Foul !! This post clearly has a point!!

wait... crap, this one does to...

ads;ghfweo96rq23R98WEHFOISEHF;OSDF8 RSDFGSDERF blah!'

AHA! now it doesnt!

wait, now it does again...

screw it...

i give up...

(and now it doesnt! ... or does it? :(:(:( )
*Flicks a pea at c0de*

You've had it coming an yah know it....

*chuckles mildly pleased with himself watching the pea bounce off c0de's nogging*

*sobbingly retires into the recesses of his cyber cave
(... to plan his triumphant comeback, that is!!)*
And yes, before anyone asks... We the commonwealth! Have indeedy doody gum drops hijacked and taken over this thread lol. Any wishing to reclaim this thread, we will need a written notice within the first 14 days of this hijack stating your reasons to why you wish to take it back and also enclose a cheque for 17 million dollars!!! *strikes a Dr evil pose*
personally, I get annoyed with the posters <ahem> who mostly post one liners of pointless and flippant posts that do nothing but derail threads and cause the discussion to stop before it starts.

c'est la vie

no Alex
Im not talking about you :)

I believe its an attempt to boost their posts numbers because they dont have anything intelligent to contribute :p