Black Metal ?


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so whats it all about, is it actually evil or just a bit of fun and alternative fashion ?
I might be getting to sedate... But most of it is bs noise... lol.

I used to be into some bands... Then again... Maybe cause I was mega pissed off at anything or anyone.. And it's pace was fitting..... But end of the day it's just music.... Sure it can be "evil" or it can just be music... Like in the news some games can be killing simulators for training... Or... They can just be games... It all depends on the individual with everything.... One thing is never one thing, it can be split and whatnot... Prime examples... Religion to me is an enslaving system...... To you and others... It is a path of truth and freedom... Perspective eh....
That song's decent but at times there are some terribly repetitive progressions that don't work well for my ear.

well theres rebel and theres vile! pretty much basic rocknroll with more spike and gore and christian iconography than you can throw a stick at! dont know what he was saying though! 13,000 comments. A lot of Drink would be the only drug that would make me endure the whole gig. NO, its not good for inner vibrations, but people say that about my taste in drumand bass:eek:
so whats it all about, is it actually evil or just a bit of fun and alternative fashion ?

So far as I understand it, it's just another subgenre of metal that is known for its principally Scandanavian roots, and specifically darker overtones than much of the rest of the wider genre.

As always, a lot of it is just showmanship (I mean, look at Marylin Manson and his theatrical play on image in the more industrial side).

I'll see if I can find any more interesting recommendations. :)
How about this?

Its not "black" metal. It's real metal. No fluffy costumes, spikes or borrowed religious symbols for the band to rely on. The only "imagery" is the musical instruments-- what a concept for a music video.
That's not music... it's just noise. (I HAVE become my mother.)
Slipknot: Duality.... That song is gold.

Indeed. :)

I'll become a rock DJ on Jan 16th next year, and Duality is one of the songs I have down as a "saver" - ie, if the dance floor is looking empty, put a track like Duality or Enter Sandman on to get people back on the dance floor. :)
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Technically these bands know how to play their instruments in a horrible fashion to project a very negative vibe.
:p 2 thumbs down. :p