Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

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Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

The most important person as far as the Ark of the Covenant
was concerned was Moses, who had it built to contain the stones with the commandments carved on them, which he had brought down from the Mountain, and kept as a sacred relic in the tabernacle built for the purpose to keep the Ark in it through the crossing of the desert for 40 years.

There was nothing Moses wanted the most than to see "his" Ark in a sumptuous Temple built for it in the Holy Land. He wouldn't because he had to die before the People crossed the Jordan into the Holy Land.

Then, the Law, the most precious content of the Ark became a sysnonym with Moses himself, as Jesus himself was reminded of as he proposed the parable of the Richman and Lazarus, that if the relatives of the Richman in hell did not listen to Moses, i.e. the Law, even if one was raised from the dead, nothing would prevent them from ending themselves up in hell.

Now, when the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem, the Ark of the Covenant was no longer in the Temple. What could be the most logical thought to come to mind? That the Prophet of the time, Jeremiah, must have had a vision that the end had arrived for the Temple, and that he should do the only right thing that was supposed to be done, which would be to return the Ark to Moses.

Between Jericho and Jordan there is a great mountain called Nebo, whose highest spot was the top of Pisgah, wherefrom, Moses was allowed to contemplate the Holy Land that he was not allowed to enter. There, on the Mountain Nebo at the top of Pisgah, Moses was to die and be buried. Whoever buried him must have kept the secret till death, because up to this day nobody knows the place of his sepucher. That's where Jeremiah took the Ark of the Covenant to. He must have had a vision about the place and buried the Ark where Moses was supposed to be. That's where Jeremiah hid the Ark of the Covenant: In the hidden sepulcher of Moses.

The Moses Story needs to be deconstructed to actually know,what is going on, for example, no one knows for sure, WHEN Moses Lived, no matter where people put him, on the Timeline, it still, makes no historical sense.

Egyptian historian will tell you that "Arks" like that in the Bible are Egyptian, built to house a Deity, usually Amen/Ra/Horus/Osiris, "Arks" repressent the Solar Barque, of which Ra(Sun God) Travels upon, in the sky, they would also place "RA/AMEN" in a Ark/Barque, and float it down the Nile, in Tutankhamen tomb, hundreds of different ark where found.




The Torah writers, try there best to Disconnect themselves from there true Egyptian roots, and also, by knocking of deities of the names, including Moses, and not writing the Pharaoh names(they are disguised as LORD GOD ;))

In Fact the Bible Contradicts it self, concerning the name "Moses"

Judg 18:30 (ASV) And the children of Dan set up for themselves the graven image: and Jonathan, the son of Gershom, the son of Moses, he and his sons were priests to the tribe of the Danites until the day of the captivity of the land. [ASV note at "Moses": "Another reading is, Manasseh."]

Judg 18:30 (NIV) There the Danites set up for themselves the idols, and Jonathan son of Gershom, the son of Moses, and his sons were priests for the tribe of Dan until the time of the captivity of the land. [NIV note at "Moses": "An ancient Hebrew scribal tradition, some Septuagint manuscripts and Vulgate; Masoretic Text Manasseh."]

"Ancient Jews suspended the Heb. letter nun over the word Mosheh, which was then changed to Manasseh"

-and that this was "a substitution for Moses to spare the reputation of the great lawgiver and preserve the honor of his name and memory among Israelites." He also insists that Manasseh (by whom he apparently means the son of Joseph) "had no son called Gershom.

The Straight Dope: What became of Moses's sons?

Judges 18:30 as "Jonathan, son of Gershom, son of Manasseh." This would seem clearly to be a different Gershom, but for a calligraphic oddity in the traditional text of the book of Judges. The Hebrew characters spelling the name Manasseh -- equivalent to M-N-Sh-H (the vowels aren't written out in scriptural Hebrew) -- appear with the N raised somewhat above the others, as if it didn't really belong there.

The Talmud explains this anomaly as follows: in order to disassociate the irreproachable Moses from the evil deeds of his idol-worshiping grandson Jonathan, the name Moses -- in Hebrew M-Sh-H -- was disguised by the addition of an N, turning it into Manasseh.

This means that "Moses" and "Manesseh" are somehow the same, difference is that "Manesseh" contains the "MN" which somehow relates that "Moses" is "Amon-Moses" or "Amenmesse", The Name "Moses" should be attached to a deity, in fact even in Egypt, this is true.

Amenmesse means "born of or fashioned by Amun"

Rolf Krauss[25] finds that there are a number of parallels between the story of Amenmesse and biblical story of Moses in Egypt.
Be careful, Ben Masada (good handle!), this character will throw irrelevant pictures and made up stories and unreponsive words at you like they were the Divine's own personal lessons. Look at every point, every word, and be skeptical and demand proof, not opinion when he or she states something as "fact". Kinda like Arafat discussing the Western Wall (like denying Jews ever lived in Jerusalem before 1948 enough times would erase history). That's my opinion.

Pax et amore vincunt omnia!
It not Irrelevant, it shows PROOF that ARKS are REAL, therefor giving the Moses account more Legitimacy, i believe that Bible Stories to be true, but the poetic way it was written, distorts it,thus it needs to be deconstructed, and Only reading the Torah wont get you anywhere, unless you take in, everything else.

I have read, that Dionysus (which means "GOD OF NYSUS"), and that he was sometimes housed in a Boat, possible that "Manesseh" (Ma-Nysus) is a Moses. N interchanged with M ?

The Story of Noah, parallels itself with that of Moses, Noah Builds an ARK, and lands upon a Mountain Ararat(Ur-Ra), Moses was placed in an ARK upon Birth, whom traveled down the Nile, he retrieved the instruction to Build an Ark upon Mount Sinai, same, but reversed.

Back to Dionysus, He is God of Wine, the Founder of Wine according to Greek Myth is "Deucalion". whom built an ARK, and that Dionysus his is reincarnation, Then in the Bible, NOAH planted the First Vineyards, The Story of Noah/Deucalion looks to me, they refer to Ra's Solar Barque, bare in Mind, according to Greek Legends(alike Hebrew), the Greeks are descended from Egyptians, whom traveled to Greece, and established 12 Tribes.

I think there is a deception, that its quite possible that the "Ark of the Covenant" was in fact STOLEN from the Egyptians and taken to Canaan, thus making the Hebrews of Egypt a bunch of thief's, whom also stole there Ideology, of which, became Judaism, and that Moses coincides to the end of the 19th Dynasty

The end of the 19th Dynasty

The land of Egypt was overthrown from without, and every man was (thrown out) of his right; they had no chief mouth (rA-Hr) for many years formerly until other times. The land of Egypt was in the hands of the chiefs and of rulers of towns; one slew his neighbor, great and small. Other times have come after it, with empty years, Yarsu, a certain Syrian (xA-rw)(H -rw) "Aaron" (Hurrian) was with them as chief. He set the whole land tributary before him together; he united his companions and plundered their possessions. They made gods like men, and no offerings were presented in the temples."

The major first clue can be found also in the Harris papyrus in Plate 5.

" I made for thee a great sacrificial tablet of silver in hammered work, mounted with fine gold, the inlay figures being of Ketem-gold, bearing statues of the king, L.P.H. of gold of hammered work..........." Breasted op. cit. p.117 # 199.

and that the term "Hebrew" is derived from Egyptian "Bay" (xA-rw) Ba-rw (hebrw/Hebrew/)

radarmark henceforth the hate, of which i have written
I think there is a deception, that its quite possible that the "Ark of the Covenant" was in fact STOLEN from the Egyptians and taken to Canaan, thus making the Hebrews of Egypt a bunch of thief's, whom also stole there Ideology, of which, became Judaism, and that Moses coincides to the end of the 19th Dynasty

I think (don't know, conjecture)

quite possible (not sure, but maybe)

was in fact STOLEN (and suddenly fact and accusation)

taken (and more accusation)

thus theives (and even more)

whom also stole (and more)

Now the whole post has the appearance of a putting your foot down historical accuracy, evidence laid at our feet...if it weren't for the I think/quite possibly....

Don't know where you are from, but round these parts (USA) we've got an innocent until proven guilty thang... so those folks would be alleged...and then of course there is the statute of limitations, and then of course there is the FACT that if anyone perpatrated anything, they are all DEAD.

And then of course there is the little thing about all the land and artifacts that we have stolen...

and whether the ark is metaphor, allegory, mythologicical, parabolical or real...

But please continue.
It's in my back garden ... been there for ages.

Is someone looking for it?

God bless,

Thomas said:
It's in my back garden ... been there for ages.

Is someone looking for it?

God bless,

Whatever you do don't touch it or open it. I'd call MI5 or a museum, and for goodness sakes don't let the Israelis have it, because they might gloat.
Nope, we have it in Hanger 18, right next to the Roswell aliens here at Wright-Patterson (I know because I think I heard it the other day)!

Pax et amore omnia vincunt!
Don't know where you are from, but round these parts (USA) we've got an innocent until proven guilty

I am from the England, whom sacked the Native Americans, Killed them, stolen from then, henceforth your Independence from us, of course Ignoring "Thou Shalt not Kill or Steal". in Egypt, upon entry to 'Heaven', you confess your Sins, by saying "I have not Killed".

This is very similar to 14-1200BC, and Israel(America) and Egypt(England) relationship

The Land, you know as Israel, was conquered by Ramses II (He stole that Land), and that Land is thus the Property of Egypt, there was a Severe Famine that Occurred, and Israel bear any Seed or Food.
(This is proven Merneptah Stele - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Take note, that "Merneptah Stele" was the first historical mentioning of Israel, which was ruled by Ramses II.

The First Mention of Israel in the Bible is during the time of Jacob-Joseph, therefor Jacob-Joseph lived around 13-1200BC

This backed up by this Bible Quote

Genesis 41:54 And the seven years of famine began to come, according as Joseph had said; and there was famine in all lands; but in all the land of Egypt there was bread.
55 And when all the land of Egypt was famished, the people cried to Pharaoh(Ramses II for bread; and PharaohRamses II said unto all the Egyptians: 'Go unto Joseph; what he saith to you, do.'

Therefor, we know exactly whom that Pharaoh was, according to Genesis, Joseph was Ramses II's Successor ?, Is there Proof that Joseph was the Successor of Ramses II?

The Historical Successor was "Merneptah", Pharoahs have about 10 Different names, his Golden Horus name was in fact "NebsenedJaashefit" (Joseph)

Most theist would call this Coincidence ?, Is it ?

Second, and perhaps most important, the earliest mention of Israel in an extrabiblical text was found in Egypt in the stele describing the campaign of Pharaoh Merneptah – the son of Ramesses II – in Canaan at the very end of the thirteenth century BCE. The inscription tells of a destructive Egyptian campaign into Canaan, in the course of which a people named Israel were decimated to the extent that the pharaoh boasted that Israel’s “seed is not!” The boast was clearly an empty one, but it did indicate that some group known as Israel was already in Canaan by that time

and this

Merneptah had to carry out several military campaigns during his reign, in year 5 he fought against the Libyans, who—with the assistance of the Sea Peoples—were threatening Egypt from the West. Merneptah led a victorious six-hour battle against a combined Libyan and Sea People force at the city of Perire, probably located on the western edge of the Delta. His account of this campaign against the Sea Peoples and Libu is described in prose on a wall beside the sixth pylon at Karnak, which states:

"[Beginning of the victory that his majesty achieved in the land of Libya] -i, Ekwesh, Teresh, Lukka, Sherden, Shekelesh, Northerners coming from all lands."

A little further in the Past
His successors and later Egyptians called him the "Great Ancestor". Ramesses II led several military expeditions into the Levant, re-asserting Egyptian control over Canaan.

Ramses II had over 50 Children,in Greek mythology he is called "Aegyptos" (where we get Egypt), Jacob had 13 Children, Jacob in Hebrew is Ya-AQAB > AQAB > Agap > Aegap > Aegyp'tos (alike Atlan'tos)> EGYPT is non other them Jacob, who in reality, is non other, the historical Patriarch Ramses II , true founder of Israel, and the true "God of Israel"

Egyptian CONTROLLED Canaan, therefor HE is the there GOD (Adonai)


1213 BC - 1203 BC ---- First Mention of Israel / Famine / Northerners Travel to Egypt for Food/Wealth(+ Bandits)

1195BC - 1180BC ----- Collapse of Egypt / Northerners(MOSES Travel OUT OF Egypt (with stolen Egypt Artifacts ARK OF COVENANT)

The Torah writers distort the true timeline, by giving the biblical characters odd lifespans, e.g. died at 150+ Years Old
Warning to everyone. Divos likes to imagine that by quoting non-sourced items (see the qotes in his post) that he has provided proof. He is also hung up on the old debating technique of "if it sounds like duck, it must be a duck" (plays up irrelevant and incorrect word similarities as if they mean something in and of themselves and has no idea what etymology is). Finally, notice the inferences and just made-up claims based on non-existant logic (i.e., Jacob = RamesesII = true founder of Israel = true G!d of Israel). Call him on all of these and any other errors you see. Or ignore him. That is my opinion (I do not imply Divine Knowledge, like some).

Pax et amore omnia vincunt!
Ignore = Ignorance = Everything that Contradicts the Torah is Evil, or better yet, they say SATAN DID IT
This is so much fun, thanks DIVOS!!!!! If you want to claim it fine, if you want me or anyone else to think it is even remotely possible, show some proof, some fact, some iota of historical documentation or some mote of archeological material that supports your thesis that "Jacob = RamesesII = true founder of Israel = true G!d of Israel".

Verily, you are a gift from G!d!

P.S. I do not beleive I ever said evil or Satan, I just ridiculed your train of reasoning (or lack thereof).

Pax et amore omnia vincunt!
Can't be bothered

Here is someone elses research

In the Eigth year of Ramses II, He reconquered South/Mid Caanan and Galille, Six sons of Ramses Helped with this Conquest.

Indeed Jacobs sons also helped with this Conquest, as caanan divided into jacobs sons.

Jacob-Esau Twin is a reinactment of Horus and Set, All pharoahs were called Horus-KIngs, thus therefor the spiritual twin-brother of Ramses II is Set, Set and Horus like Jacob and Esau quarreled in the womb, and both Quarreled over birth-Rights.

Esau means Fashion, Set was a fashioner, Esau is described as Redness, Sets primary colour is Red, related to the fact, he is god of the desert.

Indeed i have also identifed Abel and Cain(seth) as horus and Set, Set kills horus in one account,
Cain kills Abel.

Abel , El is equivilent to Egyptian H-eR or Horus, Ab-Horus, Heart of Horus
Both Set and Cain worked the Land, and were farmers, indeed Saturn is God of the land, and worked the Land, Satan is related to the Earth, Dagon, and Enki also relate to the land.
Enki (Cain reversed), Enlil (essence of El(Abel).

Both Ramses II and Jacob lived Extremally long lifes.

Many believe that Ramses II was the pharoah of Moses, if true, then a major contradiction occurs, Why would Moses and Ramses II Conquer Caanan at the same time?

It would be Impossible to Conquer Caanan without the help of Egyptian militants, Pharoah commanded the Militants, Moses conquest occurs after the death of pharaoh, therefor Moses must of inherited the throne inorder to comman Egyptian militiants to conquer caanan.

Israel litterly means (Osiris, The God), The God Osiris, an extremelly important God to the Pharoahs.

The Death of Ramses III firstborn is a pun for the dislike with each other.

Drowning of Pharoah is a Reinactment of the anointed ritual that occurs prior to mummification. Baptism is the successor of Anointing.

Ramses I was originally named Paramessu.

Ramses I had 3 brothers called Pay, mimamon and Hawnefer.

Haron/Nohar (Sons of Abram)

Noticed how Haron(son of abram) is the prefix of Hawnefer
-----------------------------------------------No'har (reversed)

The Wife of Ramses is Sitra

Sit-Ra = Daughter of Ra

Si, means son in Egypt, but adding T, makes it femine, but although with the addition of the T, it was silent, therefor Sitra was prounced Si'ra or
Shera (princess of power)

Sitra > Si(t)Ra (Sarah)
Sa-Ra = Daughter of Ra

Yahwah (ia-Hr'a) (Pure of Horus)

Burning Bush
In Chapter XLIII of the book of the dead reads;l the deceased says: "I am Fire, the son of Fire, to whom was given his head after it had been cut off. The head of Osiris was not taken away from him, let not the head of Osiris Ani (the deceased) be taken away from him

The name Osiris (Asar in Egyptian) is connected with fire, as is Asari in Babylonia, When Moses met the Burning Bush, he calles himself (Eya Asher)

Eya Asher could litterally mean (I am Fire).

Fire in Egypt is the symbol of the Brazier or Euraea, and it symbolizes Dawn, dawn is the sun entering the underworld, therefor repressents Osiris the God of the underworld.

Stairway to heaven
Jacob dreamt of a Stairway to Heaven

Sons of Ramses II v Sons of Jacob

Both Jacob and Ramses II had 2. principle wives.

Jacob had a Daughter called "Dinah"
Ramses had a Daughter called "Bintaneth"

As i said earlier, T is a feminine ending, and was not pronounced

thus. Bintaneth = Bintane

Dinah Daughter of Jacob is the suffix of Bintaneth Daughter of Ramses II

Jacobs First Son by his wife Leah, was called "Reuben"

Ramesses = Son of Ra = Reuben

The Hebrew word for "Son" is Ben, and egyptian word is "Mes"

Reu in hebrew means "See", Ra in Egypt means "Distant", a ditto with See, and the Eye was a common symbol of Ra.

Ramesses although on of the firstborns, died before his father, thus why Reuben(firstborn) did not have a big story, unlike joseph.


Both Ramses II and Jacob had a Son called Simeon/Simon
Ramses II son was called Siamun easily transliterated into Simeon or Simon.

Levi was a High Priest or a family of Priests.
He equated with "Khaemwaset" the High Priest of Ra, his son and grandson(and possilbe greatgrandson) becames priests after him.

Judah = Ju(deity) is praised
possibly ramses II son, Amen(deity) Hotep (pleased synonym with Praised)

Dan = Judge in hebrew
Possibly ramses II son, NebenTANeb which means "Lord of the Land"
Lord being a synonym for Judge thus Judge of the land

Naphtali = Fighter/wrestler in Hebrew
possible ramses Ii son "Montuherkhopshe f" meaning "Strong with his right arm" thus a Wrestler, a figher (he was indeed a fighter)

Gad = Troop in hebrew
Possibly son of ramses "Nebenkaru" who was a "Troop commander

Ashur = Happy
maybe Userpehty a son of ramses, or Amenhotep(hotep means Happy a translation)

Issacher = reward
could be numerous of ramses II sons.

Zebulun = dweller or sailor
Possibly Simentu who was married to the daugter of a sea captian, connects him with sailing.

Joseph = Merenptah, the successor, both married Priestess of Neith, and both became Pharoah

benjamin = in hebrew means "Son of right hand"
The "Right hand" phrase is similer with numerous Ramses II sons
associated with the Right Arm

Pareharwhenemef = Ra is with is right arm
Montukhopshef = Montu is with is right arm
Horherwenemef = Horus is strong with his Right Arm
Astarteherwenemef = Astarte is strong with his right Arm
Ramses Sethherwenemf = son of Re, seth is strong with his right arm.
the above ramses Sethherwenemf is one of the last sons of Ramses II, and his name contain the components of Ben(Mes) Jamin(herwenemf).

Sons of Rameses II

In Greek Mythology Aegyptos is quoted having 50 Daughter/Sons, thus the only canditate for Pharoah Aegyptos is indeed Ramses II.

I also believe that Jacob derived from term "Aegyptos".

Aegyptos alike Jacobtos
The PT together sound like the letter B.

Like jacob, Aegyptos had a mythical twin brother, this is because Pharoahs are "Horus Kings" and the twin brother of Horus is Set(equated with Esau)

In Egypt, Osiris is the God of Heaven, and "God of the Staircase" was a title ascribed to Osiris

--------Abram is indeed Ramses I--------

Ramses Original name was Parameses
------------------------------Pa-Ram > Ab-Ram

Wife of Ramses I is Sitra
---------------------SA-RAH (t not pronounced)

In Genesis, Abram is written like he was some sort of Military Commander, His boss was according to Genesus was "Elohim Yahweh".

Abram was an Old man when his name was upgraded to Abraham.
Paramses Was an Old man when his name was upgraded to Ramses.

Ramses or Abram, before he was the Pharoah, He was a Military Commander, taking order form the Pharaoh----God.

From Reading Letters of Armana, it prooves that the Semite Kings look upon the Pharoah as the Litteral God, they even equated the Pharoah with Baal and EL(Semetic Ra)

Example below: A Letter from Yabitiri to Amenhotep III

To my lord, my king, my gods, my sun[/], this is said: Yabitiri, thy servant, the dust of thy feet, at the feet of my lord, my king, my gods, my sun, seven times, and seven times more, I fall down. Behold, I am thy servant, true to my lord, my king.
Amarna Letters

Further Proof that Abram(Paramses*Befor e he became king*) is Ramses is through the List of Kings mentions in Genesis.


King Tidal = King Tudhalya (1360-1344)
King Arioch = King Erichtheos (1397-1347)
King Amraphel = King Eumolpus (Alive same time as king above)

The Two kings name look very similer indeed.

King Eum---ol---pu--+--S (greek linquistic name suffix)
-------AM---Ra--Ph---+--EL(god suffix addition)
Eumolpu would transliterate into Egyptian as Am-Rapha----(Ra/El)
------------Since Egyptian had no L, thus L = R (el=Ra)

Emolpus is the same as Amraphel, also Letter from Armana Prove that there was Person involed in the Military called Raphel whom alive around this period.

other Similaritys.

Kings in genesis

King Birsha = BuraBuriash 1360-1333BC
King Shemeber = Shumda(of armana letters)
Bera = Biridya
Melchizedak = Milkilu(of armana letters) .. Zedek is a title, thus called Mechi > Mikilu

In the Armana Letters, Semite King Asked the Pharoah for Military Assistence, and who was the Military Commander.....It was Paramses...Abram.

The God questioning Abraham was the Pharoah, either Akhenaten,tutankhame n.Ay(yhwh).Hormebed,
Gee another list of verbal similarities and reasoning by happenstance, am I surprized! No source, no proof... poof!

Pax et amore omnia vincunt!
Dude, this is tiring. Just say "it is my opinion" or "I think". That's all, let us know what your thoughts are, don't just render "truths" like you had a direct link to G!d.

Pax et amore omnia vincunt!
Dude, this is tiring. Just say "it is my opinion" or "I think". That's all, let us know what your thoughts are, don't just render "truths" like you had a direct link to G!d.

Pax et amore omnia vincunt!

Which G!d do you mean? I am Flamen Dialis, not?
Any Divine being (as a QUaker and a panentheist I am pretty flexible). What I was trying to say (all kidding aside) just admit your views are your views and not necessarily true.

I always found that to be the truly remarkable thing Henry Lincoln could do (Holy Blood fame), he was always able to do two things: one, admit that the views he takes are merely an alternative (that they could be true, no way to tell) and two, always state "we stand on the shoulders of Giants".

I am a rather hard core skeptic and do not admit anything but deductive logic and mathematics (in addition to our direct experiences) can be capable of being absolutely true (no fuzz on the truth value). As a physicist I dislike Many-World theory and believe it not to be logical or true, but admit it can be. That is why I also consider myself an agnostic (I do not know in the absolute sense).


Pax et amore omnia vincunt!
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