How Can We Attract New Members...?

I am hardly what you would call an active member, so perhaps I can speak from both sides of the fence, as it were. I was recommended to this site by Corvus (DCVision), who back in the day published some of his writings here, on a seperate forum that was created for him. No idea where they went, but he passed over in 2012, and time moves fast on here.

So I came here and said my piece, and was thoroughly misunderstood - so far so as-usual lol. But having said my piece, honestly, there was little more to say. I do have real sympathy for those who ask lots of questions but aren't in the right lifetime to have the numinous experience, they are well on the way, but for most it would be better for them to meditate every day, get lots of therapy, and do as much voluntary work as they can.

OK, so I suppose I'm back saying my piece! In answer to your question, I would suggest using the Law of Attraction. This is a spiritually minded forum, after all. Visualise a forum vibrant with spiritual energy and enquiry, put loads of energy into that, give thanks, put loads more energy into that, and let it go.

A final thought. Karmayoga is being of service to the universe, which this forum undoubtedly is, without attachment to results. Just saying.