New HOMEPAGE Design by Aupmanyav

Another thing, if members 1. download the .zip file on their own computers, 2. Extract the files in a new folder, 3. Click interfith.html, 4. and when the new home page opens, 5. they can bookmark it. That way they can access the new home page without making any changes in the current structure of All files would add to less than half an MB (to be exact, 453 kilobytes). Of course, it is a stop-gap arrangement.

If the two links are to be added, then I can create a new .zip file, and upload it here. I
I'm lost here, lol
Done. Attaching the new .zip file.
It is quite simple.
1. Erase all previous files for new home page in the folder that you may already have.
2. Download attached .zip file in the folder. If one does not have a folder, a new one can be created.
3. Unzip file.
4. Click interfaith.html. It will open in whatever browser you are using.
5. Click to bookmark it and save it in the appropriate bookmark folder.
Now whenever you want to access Home page, click your bookmark. Alternatively, you can click the file in your file manager.

BTW, 'New Post' also can be made a drop-down just like 'Recent Thread Discussions'. Would you like that?


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These files just don't work. The logo images and spacing are lost. The moving line works. Perhaps someone else can try? They don't come up on my Chrome. The did in the very beginning -- the first ones you sent -- but they have not been effective for some time

It doesn't matter. Your screen shots and pages do show the page. However, I am not able to get it up from the files provided
I will check.
p.s.: True, RJM, it does not render in Chrome (which, BTW, is the most popular web browser), although it works well in Firefox and MS Edge.
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Got that. But I have to sort out Chrome. This is not 'New Posts' but 'Recent Posts'. :)

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Cool. And that New Posts drop-down will self-update? Obviously?
No, they won't, at least for the moment, till we get it on WordPress.
Your see, what is required for 'Recent Topic Discussions' and 'Recent Posts' is just the heading and its link. Presently, the pages offer a whole lot of statistical information and show avataras, which are not needed for this page, not even the name of the poster.
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Thanks Aup
WordPress needs to be updated manually
We'll get it done. Hang on to it for now
It's updated!
I did it via Westhost; it went straight through, lol :)
I'll do the plugins etc, later

Suggest consult with @Cino before trying to load new page?
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All plugins and theme updates completed. WordPress now fully up to date.
@Aupmanyav please be careful
That is very nice. I will check (but not interfere at the moment).
I wonder why it is not working in Chrome. Did it lately work on your computer?
I haven't tried since then. Will try when home
Lately I have gone slow on Homepage, blame the Pakistani soap opera which is better than the Indian one (rhymes well with us who are aware of Muslim traditions). But I intend to be back tomorrow. The clue I am searching for is why the homepage does not work in Chrome, when once it used to. I remember once I told RJM that it was because of a missing <!doctype html> at the start of the code and then the page worked alright.
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Had a so-called 'catastrophe'. Wiped out my hard disk while fiddling with different linux distributions and two USBs including one on which I was working on Homepage. Nothing new. I have been through many such catastrophes. Luckily, I had another USB with various ISOs, so this time loaded the distribution which I liked the most and none other (at least for now. At one time I had sixteen distributions on my hard disk and virtual machine).

No loss of data. Downloaded all the previous software. In addition, now I have Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Chromium all on my computer, so I would not have any problem in checking the draft homepages. I will perhaps install Safari too. I will download the last .zip file which is with Interfaith and start anew.

However, I have faced another problem in the recent days. Jumbling up my password. Although Interfaith promptly resets the password but I wonder why the problem arises? I have failed to change my password to my liking.
However, I have faced another problem in the recent days. Jumbling up my password. Although Interfaith promptly resets the password but I wonder why the problem arises? I have failed to change my password to my liking.
I don't know why this should happen? Could you elaborate? Glad you recovered from the crash
I go to 'Change password'. Put in the old password and the intended new one twice. Then I press update. But when I try to login again with the new password, it says password wrong. I will try it again, but first let me download the last .zip file before I am locked out again.

As for homepage as it appears on your computer, I think I will need to change the image URLs. We have these images on media. I will use that address.

@RJM Corbet, I just checked on all the browsers - Chromium, Chrome, Edge and Firefox. The Homepage comes up correctly. Only that I have to reduce the blank space in the middle a little. I am surprised as to why it does not happen on your computer or on your mobile phone?
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