Finish the sentence: "I love it when...."

I was just about to say... I love it when I wake to snow on my birthday, and my world is covered in its soft clean scent...

And I love it when someone loves what I do- yay for you, Grey!
aw shucks someones gotta roll this out again [though it'll probably be on the box on the day!]

I love it when I feel connected, and the moment comes into sharp focus... and every little thing is so precious and sacred. The cup of tea, the crackling fire, the warmth of my home, the snow outdoors. The feeling of the soles of my feet against my wool socks. The realization of the uniqueness of every ridge of my fingertips. My breath, in and out.
i loved it last night when my mum opened the birthday cake box and saw the absolutely delicious italian cream selva cake made with belgian white & dark chocolate, cream honour, and fresh strawberries...heaven.
i love when i am carrying my sun...and he points to an orange tree..and smiles...silently asking me to pick the orange for him...for him to hold...we both smell it and smile..."ahhhhhh"....
I love it when fireflies dance in the trees to the music we are playing, I love it when the local wildlife stop to look at you just as you are looking at them........ I love it when when my husband talks to someone on the phone and he says.. "My wife and I.." LOL.
I love being able to delight my great niece & great nephew unexpectedly (like when they overheard me reply to someone's comment, "Oh yeah? Well, I have wings & can fly!" & my three-year old great nephew took me literally & wanted to know where my wings were, so i found a pair to wear when I'm with them).
...Tovarish drapes her front paws around my neck, closes her eyes, then falls asleep, a deep rumbling purr sounding like a well-tuned motor coming from her seemingly-boneless body.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
I love it when i see people happy! I love it when i see families together.
I love it when i first walk outside in the morning and feel the air - that always makes it a good day.
...someone I'm worried about who lives in an area that has been hit by some sort of catastrophe (natural, manmade or a combination) sends a message that s/he is okay.

Moreso if s/he includes the whole family's okay.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine