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  • Just cleaned up a bit, painted an accent wall, still thinking about curtains and maybe some crown molding or a border...
    Well Im going to use this as a personal blog because I dont know where else to say it. My son has spent the last week at the Childrens Hospital in Dallas for pnemonia :(
    They are wonderful and my son is doing well.. I was really scared when his temperature hit 105.8. I dont think Ive ever been that scared in my life actually. Its amazing how much you have to trust these people to put your childrens lives in their hands.
    There is even a Klingon Dictionary (very thick), and a Phrase book for
    I didnt know that.. wow you learn something new everyday. I knew that the klingons langauge was pretty sophisticated for a television show..
    "Quahom" is also from Star Trek. It is what the Klinshai (Klingons), call a human boy, before the age of ascention (before becoming a man). lol
    Maybe one for cat lovers, one for dog lovers and one for "other". Sorry about the stupid idea. *prepares to head over to the Mope Corner, my second address on the IO site*

    Alas, I don't have any "furred managers" of my own in my apartment (landlord doesn't even allow pet rocks) but I have some old photos of the ones I :kitty:sit occasionally. Maybe have it so that those who can and are willing to share photos of their "manager"s can, but not make it a requirement. *shrug*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    BTW, I meant to mention that I do find your posts interesting, especially when you explain your studies on the Bible.
    Hey Donna,
    Nope mine was not a pity post! You know you and I disagree on, things, ;-), but I miss you and Dor when you're not around. You have the courage of your convictions.

    Sometimes I'm up for the 'debates' here but most of the time I just lurk myself and read, and post more-or-less lightweight posts. I don't enjoy getting jumped on either.

    As to these personal pages and friends etc., I mostly forget that we have the option unless someone posts on my page first. I'm always happy when I get a friend request, but then in reciprocal I don't ask many people unless asked first just because I KNOW I would end up leaving someone out and feelings get hurt etc.. So, I kind of go with the flow on it and don't judge myself by it.

    Anyway, it is good to see you posting again. Hang in there sister!
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