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  • *a pair of gooseberry green eyes narrow as a silky muscular rump wiggles*


    *after several minutes of attack, the yarn is in several directions, no longer a ball. The :kitty: looks at Faithfulservant, a tiny cartoon bubble appearing with the words "Do it again" clearly displayed*

    Consider the :kitty: "moved in".

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

    *a lone :kitty: tentatively walks into Faithfulservant's area, her body language saying, "Am I welcome here? I'll leave if nobody wants me to stay."
    Hi Faithful, The girls are great thank you. Acutally we have finally entered a pretty nice phase where they do want to make me happy (sometimes) and can both be very generous and sweet. They can also be grumpy and miserable, but not too much. I'll enjoy this and try to remember these days when they are teens!!!
    Indeed Ma'am, thank you. I spent it with family and my nephew (also having a birthday). We went road fun with muscle car (21 and 48), him driving and me fiddling with the radio...

    You know, I told him to "punch it" and he just didn't want to do it...all that power, and he wanted to run fast and long but not hard...I smiled and kept fiddling with the radio... :)

    *several furred and (technically) furrless members of IO temporarily stop eating, then return to their bowls after recognizing the "intruder" as "harmless" One of the :kitty:s slips over to the intruder after sating herself and thoroughly entwines herself in Faithfulservant's legs, purring happily*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    thank you fs... im just being me... sometimes a little "over the top". lol. I have so many friends here, i feel like im at home.
    I do, not, like the sound of either of those experiences!!!! With the XBOX I feel your pain... Well I could never imagine it really, but I am sure it is pain.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! :D
    (And Happy 4th anniversary here at CR/IO, as well.)
    DBY Proverbs 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are profuse.

    Just posting it because the word faithful is in it.
    1984 is when people started to realize the music scene was changing again. Businesses repented of loyalty to their workers and began 'Downsizing'. President Reagan was still in office and soon it would morning in America.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes Faithful! I had a great birthday with my family. And as you can's hard for me to stay away from here! So much better than politics on the teevee!
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