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  • Hi Faithfully!

    I'm just now getting around to the new toys. I just now found out that we each have a personal page. Don't know what to do with it yet.

    Stephanie Meyer Twilight...hey just read that post. My fifteen year old is reading a lot at school, but I'd love to get her into something good to read for fun... You recommend them?
    get over it girlfriend, I'm glad to see you back!!

    And I know you don't consider me one of the nicest folks on the site... Well maybe you consider me nice, maybe, but disagreeable, cantekerous, opinonated and wrong.

    I love you passion, and that of your bible thumpin hubby!

    peace, wil

    ps will ya be my friend?
    You know... I kind of feel silly. I have two messages from the nicest people on the site and Im hoping they arent pity messages though they probably are.

    Am I disliked here?

    I ask myself that as I continue to wait for a new message or maybe a friend invite. Ive thought about sending a few friend invites of my own and then I feel so scared that they will reject it and think how pathetic she is that I dont dare. I never thought of ( no Donna it's not CR its now.) being a popularity contest. The people I consider my friends on here I dont think they consider me their friend. Is it because Im so steadfast on my beliefs that my intolerance is unforgivable?

    Ive tried to open up and share parts of my life but Ive done that and had it thrown back at me that Im a hypocrite because Ive made mistakes or that Im stupid because I used to do drugs so I cant be trusted to have any intelligent dialogue....blah blah blah Im not bitter... really.

    Ive thought about filling my visitor messages box with my own messages so It doesnt look so glaringly bare. But I dont think Im that desperate yet.. I should just stick to lurking and quit the pity party lol.

    I watch the new posts... right after I post it seems like someones jumping on it and on me. I feel like the proverbial misfit but I guess thats part of the job. Christians were the misfits after Jesus left.. it sometimes seems the case here.

    Anyways... ta ta for now you loser

    /pity party off
    Hey faithful! Psychadelic page you've got here! I like the sunny colors.

    I've retired Seven for now. She is a bit bold to be my face for too long. I'll soon be dressing up my moth for the holidays.

    Good to see you posting again. Hope all is well with you and Dor.

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