There were loads of kids on the street but only one group came to the door, so we reckon they were only going to houses they knew :( we'll have to eat all the chocolate ourselves..... :p

That or they know we're 'wierdos' and were too scared :rolleyes:
I had a load of kids knocking on my door last night, so I locked it, put my mp3 player on and done some painting

It sounds horrible but it seems to be the one time of year parents allow their kids to beg for sweets from other people
Im not horrible I promise, just not that fond of holidays

Yes Im weird lol
I noticed when I signed up, all these questions making sure I was weird enough lmao
I would say I just scraped through but that would be a really big lie lol
My brother Andy and his wife Janine have three little boys (6, 4, 2). Andy had to go work, and Janine had to cope with AT&T repairmen fixing the telephone lines along with the little guys, so my mom told my dad, "Why don't you go over and help Janine? I bet she's going crazy!" When he got there, he found that one of the AT&T guys had taken over the duty of passing out candy to the neighborhood kids!
Okay Pathless...What you do is gather up the pumpkin stuff, trim all the yuck and skin off of the pieces, wash thoroughly, place them all in a large pot over low heat, and cook it down to a mush while stirring it every so often. After cooling, put it in freezer containers the same size as the small cans of pumkin you'd buy in the store.

Then just pull out and thaw the needed amount when you're making pies or pumpkin bread throughout the year. Used to do that most years before I got older and lazier.

Dude that pumpkin monster has been rippin' through town. He's moved on to scaring children and pushing grocery carts into old ladies at the store! It is outta control, man!! OUTTA CONTROL!! We fear for the first snowfall... when the snowmen usually come to life as well--and not in any benevolent way like Frosty--and the real showdown begins.

It's gonna get ugly.

:D :cool: :rolleyes:
Pathless...My post was a bit tongue in cheek.

The ancients believed that if you wished to "steal" and utilize for yourself the being of your enemies against him/her, the easiest and most efficient way to do that was to "eat" him/her/them. Cook the pumpkin !!!!!

Eat the pies, muffins, bread. They will enhance and empower your life in unseen ways.

Hey...it's the age old logic behind cannibalism and...communion.

Add snowcones to your diet in December !!!

Pagans unite !!!!

Halloween is the day when the sun went down the horizon in the original homeland of Indo-Europeans somewhere is western Russian Siberia to rest for two months of Arctic night and to reappear on the day of vernal equinox marking Spring. The Celt Halloween differed from that of the Indian Aryans by a few days. RigVeda mentions it as on the fortieth day after the autumnal equinox (Sept. 22/23)